Beyond the pitch deck

It almost goes without saying, if you are a would-be startup, a successful pitch to a venture capital firm requires a well-planned, compelling pitch deck. However, in order to secure investment and…


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The Forgotten Foreplay Principle That Will Slowly Make You Explode With Pleasure

Foreplay at the extremes of personal pleasure

There is a forgotten foreplay principle hidden in plain sight.

It’s so obvious that most of us forget to actually do it — and that’s a massive mistake.

This foreplay principle is responsible for almost every “best” sexual experience of my life. That’s probably true for you, too.

This is the forgotten foreplay principle that will slowly make you explode with pleasure.

It’s the most important rule of foreplay, yet it’s often overlooked: Anticipation.

But not just any anticipation, intense slow-burn anticipation. More on that in a second.

The element of surprise is key to keeping things interesting in the bedroom, and that starts with teasing and building anticipation before you even get started.

Start by sending a flirty text or email during the day, letting your partner know what’s in store for later.

When you finally see each other, take things slow, enjoy some playful banter and let the sexual tension build until you can’t take it anymore.

Then stretch it even further.

When your lover says, “I want you inside me,” or starts pulling you to certain parts of their body, don’t immediately concede.

By taking the time to build anticipation, you’ll make the main event more enjoyable.

Anticipation is overlooked because we think we know what it is and how it works.

But once you unlock the true meaning and application of anticipation, you can easily usher in an intensely satisfying “precursor of the things (you and your lover) are capable of performing.”

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