Painfully Beautiful

The most significant of moments often manifest in the most unassuming of circumstances. The accidental slip of “I love you” on the slow walk home; the sharp pinch of he was here and then, in a blink…


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The Dark Dreams

Discourse separates from
all my regular hiding spots
like a map
to some deformed understanding

Surreality sets in here
so fast
& you push past the darkening
by reaching for someone else

But what you’re seeing
isn’t even

Just a borrowed
outline/ a silhouette

While the parsing of the light
from shadow
& back again goes on by people
with that stuff, with control

goes gallivanting into the night
with a sweating saviour
running behind
yelling for everything to just stop

But I can see the slope
as I roll over it
I finger every intention
as if it were waiting in a line-up for me

But you brought
your own diary to compare
& to compare
the words of the dark dreams
somehow go away

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