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Trump Reportedly Came Very Close to Acknowledging His Election Loss in Rose Garden Press Conference

(Ty O’Neil/Getty)

The Trump campaign and its supporters have claimed widespread election fraud has unfairly denied the president reelection. Many of these allegations have been aired publicly. But not yet known to all is the extent of the left-wing conspiracy that swung the election to former Vice President Joe Biden.

Here, in an exclusive for Arc Digital, I am able to share with you the full extent of this left-wing plot. Folks, this is very, very bad. What we are looking at is

A conspiracy so vast that it resulted in Trump winning more than 72 million votes, the second-highest vote total in U.S. history, far more than President Obama ever won, and 10 million more votes than Trump himself won in 2016.

A conspiracy so far-reaching that Trump improved his standing nationally among Hispanics, blacks, Jews, and women, and that the only demographic where Trump’s support declined was white men.

A conspiracy so nuanced that it propelled Trump to win Zapata County in Texas, the most heavily Latino county in the country (84 percent), after losing it to Hillary Clinton by 30 points in 2016; to more than halve Clinton’s margins in the Rio Grande Valley; and to improve his performance by 23 points in majority-Hispanic Miami-Dade County.

A conspiracy so comprehensive that Trump outperformed by three points his 2016 totals in the city of Philadelphia, believed by many of his supporters to be the very epicenter of electoral malfeasance.

A conspiracy so subtle that it caused Republicans to be in pole position to hang onto the Senate despite widespread predictions that Democrats would win 52 or more seats.

A conspiracy so nefarious that the GOP will end up with a massive net positive haul of House seats, including in New York City, Miami, and New Mexico, and maintains an outside chance of retaking the chamber even though pollsters projected a blue wave that would inundate Republican strongholds and swell the Democratic ranks.

A conspiracy so dastardly that, ahead of the 2020 census and redistricting, it handed Republicans control of three new state legislative chambers (in New Hampshire and Alaska) and one new governor’s mansion (in Montana) despite widespread expectations that Democrats would seize multiple chambers and governorships.

A conspiracy so devious that it compelled Fox News, long thought by progressives to be in Trump’s pocket, to project a Biden victory in Arizona before any other network.

A conspiracy so crafty that it forced Mitt Romney, the GOP’s standard-bearer before Trump, and President Bush, the most recent Republican president, to congratulate Biden on his election after the networks called the race.

A conspiracy so aggressive that it obliged Brad Raffensperger, the Georgia secretary of state, to reject calls for his resignation, to declare it “unlikely” that incidents of voter fraud could change the outcome of the statewide presidential race, and to urge the Peach State’s sitting senators to focus on their runoff elections instead.

A conspiracy so creative that it made Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, a Trump ally, defend the honor of his state’s electoral integrity in the face of the Trump campaign’s allegations, noting Arizona’s poll workers have been focusing on “making it easy to vote and hard to cheat.”

A conspiracy so dark that it coerced the likes of Republican Sens. Ben Sasse, Lisa Murkowski, and Susan Collins into wishing Biden well on his victory.

A conspiracy so thorough that it convinced Republican Sen. James Lankford of ruby-red Oklahoma to vow to “step in” if the president-elect did not begin receiving daily intelligence briefings.

A conspiracy so beguiling that it persuaded Rush Limbaugh to regard Biden as the victor (and to force Limbaugh to withdraw his comments).

A conspiracy so intense that California voters overwhelmingly rejected state initiatives that would have unwound color-blind state government and university policies, imposed rent control, and eliminated money bail and strongly supported a measure overturning legislation forcing ride-sharing applications to classify their drivers as employees.

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