Security Vulnerabilities Explained with Rivers and Parties

Security vulnerabilities can be boring to learn. But you still need to learn them, unless you want some hacker to delete all your production databases. To make it a bit more entertaining, I tried to…


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Do Koreans Actually Like Korean BBQ?

Photo of Ken Suh enjoying his Korean BBQ!

So do Koreans actually like Korean BBQ? Yes. From my experience, I haven’t met a single Korean or Korean American that does not like KBBQ. Even my close friend, Ken Suh, is virtually obsessed with it. However, I worry that the gluttonous and over extravagant experience people have at many Korean BBQ restaurants paints an inaccurate picture of what most Korean food is like and insights about my culture. I would encourage everyone who enjoys but has only experienced Korean culture through Korean BBQ to try a number of other Korean dishes. For example, Kimchi-jjigae (김치찌개) is a simple yet consistent dish that represents the extreme poverty Koreans went through as stews were the only affordable option throughout our history. Another Korean dish, japchae (잡채), speaks to the diversity in taste and celebratory nature of Koreans who enjoyed japchae for parties and festivals. Korean BBQ at its core is something a group of friends and family come together to enjoy, representing the collaborative and collective attitude many Koreans share. I want these aspects my culture to reflect in the Korean food that people experience.

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