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InsureDAO is a peer to pool insurance market protocol on Ethereum. On InsureDAO, anyone can create, purchase, and underwrite any insurance without KYC. ・Insurance pool creation InsureDAO allows users…


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Are we innocent until proven guilty?

The answer is both yes and no.

In terms of the outside world, the response is indeed yes. Only after an extensive investigation and procedure of proof that an unlawful act had in fact been performed can someone be held accountable for breaking the laws of man.

When it comes to the Law of God, the answer is no. Lawbreaking and sin are two entirely distinct things. The law of God takes precedence above the laws of man.

The Bible says that we are born sinners. Grudem’s book on Systematic Theology agrees with the bible by defining sin as any failure to conform to the moral law of God in act, attitude, or nature. We are born sinners. Sin was present long before man was even created. It was present during the fall of Satan and the demons.

This exert from the Psalm of David depicts that point perfectly in my opinion

Since we are born sinners; what does that mean for us? This means we sin even just with our mind's desires.

Examples of life application scenario, If I was to say…

Sin can be that complex, but can also be as simple as telling that lie to your boss so that going to the party could happen. This may seem a bit disheartening at first. The good news is in the verse John 3:16 “For God

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